About Japan

What is the time difference?

Is it possible to communicate in English?

What are the formalities for Japan (passport, visa)?

What is the cost of living in Japan?

Is it easy to travel independently around the country?

Can you travel alone as a young girl?

What is the best season to visit Japan?

Can the country be visited safely with children?

Can I use my mobile phone over there?

Do I need an electrical adapter?

We are going to see friends over there, can we import anything?

About Japan Experience

What means of payment are accepted?

Is Japan Experience a reliable agency?

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Where can I meet a specialist adviser on Japan?

How long does it take to get a quotation?

Can I have a wedding list?

About solo tours

The Tokaido Route Tour

Discover one of our most famous small group tour: the Tokaido Route Tour.

Contact us

Our advisers are available by email or by phone.

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