Abandoned hotels in Japan   廃墟ホテル

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The Queen Chateau

The ruins of Maya Hotel

Kuroshio Inn

Hotel Fuurin

Nakagusuku Hotel


Despite real estate pressures, there are still a lot of abandoned hotels in Japan. Today, they have become haunting places that are a dream come true for urban explorers.

Have you ever heard of "urbex"? Short for "urban exploration", it's an activity that consists of exploring abandoned sitestheme parks, factories, old residences and so on. Here, we offer you a glimpse of some of Japan's abandoned hotels - via your computer screen - since entry is prohibited to the public...

The Maya Hotel

Close to Kobe, this hotel can be accessed by cable car or footpath. Built at the end of the 1920s and abandoned for more than 20 years, the hotel has endured the bombings of World War II as well as the Kobe earthquake of 1995.

The Queen Chateau Soapland

Located in Ibaraki prefecture, the Queen Chateau is a former brothel, which would explain the unusual facade: a huge queen straight out of a set of playing cards is painted on the wall!

Kuroshio Inn

The Kuroshio Inn is among Japan's most famous ruins (haikyo, 廃墟). It's a former inn of which the main point of interest is the reception hall, with its bar, its turquoise chairs and orange lamps. Unfortunately, the rest of the establishment is too vandalized to be of much interest.

Fuurin Motel

This former love hotel is in Chiba prefecture, not far from Tokyo. It's a wonderful example of how architecturally eccentric these establishments were at a certain time.

The Nakagusuku Hotel

This hotel was designed to be a huge Okinawan hotel complex. It wasn't just abandoned though, it was never finished! According to locals, the presence of many old tombs in the surrounding jungle is the reason the project was cancelled…

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