Koban   交番

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Koban Saitama

A Koban in the city of Saitama.

Koban Nagasaki

Koban manor in Nagasaki.

Reinforcements of the city

Defined guardians yet guides for lost travelers, Koban police officers are a valuable aid in the cities of the archipelago.

While Japan is known for being one of the safest countries in the world, the presence of many Koban - abundant small police stations - reinforces the sense of security for travelers.

Indicated by a black cross on Japanese maps, there are nearly 6,000 of these small stations in the country, including 1000 in the streets of Tokyo! They hold important roles and are depended on by bigger police stations.

Their roles? Helping stray tourists, taking charge of drunken salarymen, helping in the return of lost items, and reported thefts or road accidents ...

More importantly, these police patrol often to bring order and peace to their designated neighborhood!

While accommodating about 3-10 policemen, the architecture of the Koban can sometimes be found to look in accordance with the history and ambiance of the neighborhood in which they are located.

We thus find in Nagasaki a Koban similar to a French mansion, in memory of a long history of trade with the west in the city.  

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