Sending packages   小包を送る

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Air parcel

Packages transported by air.

Yamato Transport

A delivery truck Yamato Transport.

A declaration to customs, to fill any package shipped from Japan.

A declaration to customs, to fill any package shipped from Japan.

Air and sea

To send gifts and surprises, or to alleviate a suitcase full of memories, sending packages from Japan is a practical solution and (often) economic. Advice from Japan Guide to make the right choice.

To send your packages by Japan Post, two solutions are possible: the plane (kôkûbin) or boat (funabin or Surface Mail).

* By plane allows fast delivery, two days to a week, but that speed comes at a cost: between 1000 and 2800 yen for a package weighing up to a kilogram.

Delivery time varies depending on the selected mode of dispatch : EMS (Express Mail Service), or Airmail SAL (Economy Air).

EMS Service priority mail, where delivery is between two and four days worldwide.

Airmail: 3 to 6 days to receive a package, but the price remains high.

SAL: Available for many countries.  Local air mail delivery takes between 6 and 13 days. It is the most economical of all.

* Transportation by boat has the advantage of being much cheaper: for a package weighing a kilogram, it is 1860 yen to send by air, and about 770 yen by boat.  But with a delivery time of between two and three months, this option may discourage many ...

The following link to Japan Post allows you to simulate sending your own package. But be careful to stay within the dimensions of packages accepted by the Japanese postoffice!

Night package

When completing the form (in Japanese or English) for the method of sending, a Japanese address will be required. Do not worry because the address of your hotel is enough. You can enjoy the service 24/7 at some central offices. Tokyo Marunouchi exit of the JR Station on the ground floor of the JP Tower, or the central station Shibuya, or in Kyoto out the north exit on the left where there is the "Kyoto Central Post Office".

Handy if you need to send large packages, Japan Post provides its clients with trolleys.

Private carrier

Yamato Transport offers various delivery services abroad: International TA-Q-BIN or Kuroneko Global Mail-Bin.

One advantage of this carrier is you can drop off packages at the location of your choice: a konbini or Yamato Transport's nearest office! It is also possible for you to fill a form from your home.

To compare rates and shipping methods, check out this site.

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These are great tips. I didn't realize that there would be so many shipping options. When deciding which one to use, I would also consider when you will be home to receive the package. It might not be worth it to ship something by plane if no one will be around to accept it.