Seven Stars, the Orient Express of Japan   ななつ星

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7 star locomotive

Discover the stunning landscapes of Kyushu in style: Welcome aboard the most luxurious Japanese train.

Opened on October 15th, 2013, the Seven Stars of Kyushu is a luxury train that is reminiscent of its mystical cousin - the Orient Express. Flashy and luxurious, it combines Western chic (pianos, lighting, polished wood) and Japanese refinement (cypress showers and Arita ceramics).

Passengers (maximum of 28), become kings for a time, having the choice of two packages (two to four days) to tour the seven prefectures of Kyushu and indulge in idle observation, comfortably behind the windows of this seven-star traveling hotel. Aso volcano, the onsens of Yufuin and Beppu, the sunny coast of Miyazaki and the Bay of Kagoshima ...

For those who wish, it is also possible during the trip to visit some sites on foot.

But this luxury comes at a price, a minimum 700,000 yen per person for four days of travel, and up to 1,250,000 yen for a luxury suite.

This concept of a rail cruise is not new in Japan since Cassiopeia, a luxurious night train, already offers a comfortable trip from Tokyo to Sapporo.

Beware though, reservations for the Seven Stars require booking well in advance. All information is available on the website Seven Stars in Kyushu.

On board the Seven Stars, NHK report.

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