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Experience the uncovered gem of Japan, Kanazawa.

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The vibrant and historical city of Kanazawa is a perfect stop for a couple days on your journey through Japan. Why not spend one day with a guide and see for yourself all the beauties of Kanazawa.

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Our guides have been living in the Kanazawa area for a long time, and love helping people experience the city. Always spending time inside and outside of Kanazawa, they will be happy to share information about great restaurants, upcoming events, and real local spots.


Big, yet small, traditional, yet modern. Kanazawa is the place to see Japan off the beaten path. From garden viewing to samurai houses, sake tasting to kimono dyeing, gold leaf decorating to tea room encounters, you decide what Kanazawa will be for you. Take a full day tour, see almost the entire city, and experience all the best Kanazawa has to offer.

Tours usually start in the lobby of your hotel. Your guide will meet you at a mutually decided time, and sit down together for a few minutes to talk about the day. If there is anything special you want to see, do, buy, or eat, your guide will try to make it happen, all while giving his own ideas about the best places things to do that day. Together you will plan out a route for the day, and off you go.

Full day tours can include the following Kanazawa experiences…

Twisting around the streets of Kanazawa’s samurai district, you will find old samurai houses, mud walls, canals, and a unique atmosphere. Many samurai’s lived in this area in the 17th and 18th centuries, but now normal citizens live in these fantastic houses, so the neighborhood feels very alive. You can see regular everyday life in Japan, like people on their way to work or Japanese school children on their way home from school, here is this traditional neighborhood. Our guides live close by here, and can give you many interesting facts about the area.

Heading out of the samurai district leads you to the beautiful Saigawa river. It is best during spring when the trees explode with white and pink cherry blossoms, but is a great walk any time of year. Strolling by the river you can see the mountains in the distance, and can feel how close Kanazawa is to nature.

From the Saigawa river, the D.T. Suzuki museum is something not every traveler sees, but would be a shame not to. D.T. Suzuki is a famous Zen philosopher, born in Kanazawa, and helped bring Zen to western cultures. Relax by the museum to take in the reflecting pool and the very peaceful atmosphere. From there, there are some cool private gardens and pockets in the hills that take you toward deeper into the city.

Lunch time! Kanazawa is famous for fish, but everything in the city is great. No matter what your in the mood for, your guide can help you find it. Whether you are looking for a sushi bar that serves great sake, a family run noodle shop, or vegan burgers, lunch will be a wonderful stop.

After lunch, make your way to the famous Kenroku-en garden. One of the three most famous gardens in Japan, you can’t come to Kanazawa and not see Kenroku-en. Our guides have lots of knowledge on the garden, so you can enjoy the best spots and get some cool facts about it as well. If anybody in the group is in need of a break, there is a small tea house in the garden where women in kimono serve tea and you can enjoy the tea house’s private garden.

After this, walk through narrow Japanese streets and enter an old geisha neighborhood with cafes, 5 star restaurants, geisha houses, and also a wonderful woodblock printing atrio. Here you can find beautiful woodblock originals and calligraphy works by one of the most famous international woodblock artists.

Over the Asanogawa river, which is maybe one of the most beautiful views in the city, walk from one geisha district to the next. Here you can find one of the most popular streets in the city. Away from the crowds there is a beautiful gallery that has some of the nicest and most famous pieces of work from the Ishikawa region. If you are feeling up for it, there is also a geisha house that gives tours where you might not see any geisha, but can see and feel the space within which they work.

As the sun starts to set, we will discuss dinner and what you are interested in eating. Your guide will give you recommendations and be happy to make reservations for you.

Take a day tour and experience all of Kanazawa.


Tours can start anywhere in downtown Kanazawa. Your guide will get in touch with you a couple days before the tour by email or phone to decide meeting time and place, and also what activities you are interested in.

Latest review

Arnel and Sally
Jul 2018

We would like to thank you for guiding us while we were in Kanazawa, Japan. It was a pleasure meeting you. We had some memorable moments in Kanazawa even though it was raining then. 
Arnel and Sally

Apr 2018

Dear Valentine:
We had a terrific day, because of you! Thank you so much for taking us around, showing us the many sights of Kanazawa, and we so appreciated your obvious love of the city and Japan!
And, we just wanted you to know that at the end of the day, we walked 10.5 miles, or almost 17 kilometers!
Thank you for a lovely day, and best wishes for the future!
Melanie, Karen and Sheryl

Jun 2015

I want to thank you for giving us a great tour of Kanazawa. My family and I enjoyed this trip. I will refer you to my family and friends when they travel to Japan. Usually, most people stay at Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, but this side trip to a small town is truly a different experience and it is well worth the time.

Francois L.
Apr 2015

Chris chose good places for visiting, having a good tea ceremony and eating very good sushis! Thank you so much once again!

Ferran G
Apr 2015

Thank you very much for such a great day that we had with you. We really enjoyed it.