Kyô Yuzen dyeing

Kyô Yuzen is one of the most famous kimono dyeing techniques in Japan. Learn about it from a house that has practiced it for generations.

Kyô Yuzen, traditional Japanese dyeing

Kyô Yuzen, a fabric dyeing technique developed in the early 18th century in Kyoto, has since 1976 been recognised and protected as a traditional skill by the government.

It was the painter Miyazaki Yûzensai (1654-1736) who first used this technique to decorate fans. The technique took the name of its creator and was then extended to kimonos, yukatas and uchikakes (highly decorated over-kimonos worn by brides and actresses). 

A guarantee of quality

The dye is directly applied to the fabric, in patterns generally inspired by the plant and animal world, or related to the seasons. What makes Kyô Yuzen so special is the use of a paste made from glutinous rice powder called itome-nori, applied to the edges to prevent the different colours of dye from mixing together, allowing for great precision in the design. In this way, kimonos using Kyô Yuzen dye are considered to be the best quality kimonos. True Kyô Yuzen dyeing can be extremely complex and involve up to 26 different steps! 

In a traditional building in the heart of Kyoto

But not to worry, this 1 hour 30 workshop is an introduction to this dyeing technique accessible to all, even children, and you will be able to use tracers and pre-drawn patterns to help you easily produce a work worthy of the Japanese tradition.

The activity takes place in a traditional Japanese house that has been used for generations for Kyô Yuzen dyeing. Enjoy the atmosphere of craftsmanship and tradition, choose from the list the type of object you want to use for dyeing. You can of course take your work home and use it in your daily life.

When booking the activity, please choose which item you want to dye during the workshop.


Kyô Yuzen dyeing

$21 per person

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