Samurai Experience in Kyoto

Get a close-up look at the world of the samurai with this immersive and amazing experience.

What is a better experience to have while in Japan, than becoming a samurai for a few hours. And what better environment to do it than an actual samurai residence at the heart of Kyoto. People come from all over the world to experience the philosophy of Bushido, the way of the warrior, by learning how to wield a real katana.

A complete and educational experience

You will first be given a tour of the samurai residence before dressing in "Hakama," or samurai garb. Every guest will wear these elegant black outfits, and there begins the timeslip experience.

After that, you can take in a very factual lecture about samurai, covering their history and various roles in Japan's various eras. The masters will then perform live traditional music and demonstrate some extremely amazing sword skills that are sure to leave you speechless.

A real katana blade

Everyone participating in the program will be handed a real katana blade. But it is necessary to learn the fundamentals before receiving a real blade. You will begin your training using wooden practice swords and instruct you on the proper grip, posture, and form.

The experience's high point comes next, when you learn how to cut through a goza mat with a real katana. You will feel immensely strong yet humbled by the blade's potentially lethal cutting power.

Zazen meditation

And to finish the experience on a quiet note, you will learn how to meditate with singing bowls as the course comes to a close. Practicing Zen meditation was an actual technique that samurai used to clear their minds before battle.The bells will help to clear and calm your mind with their intriguing, resonating sounds.

You can learn how Zen meditation can help you in your daily life and also let go of some of the excitement you felt when practicing with the sword through this deep meditation.

An experience for all

Although wielding a real sword can be intimidating, anyone can enjoy this experience—even women and children. The very professional English-speaking staff is there to support everyone and adapt the level of difficulty to the strengths of the participants, so no worries!

※ Please note that this activity is in English only.

※ Children over 6 years-old can participate.

※ Regarding different times, private sessions, large groups, and other unique situations, we are happy to negotiate. Please be advised that additional fees might apply and that you should email or call us beforehand.


Samurai Experience in Kyoto

$122 per person

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