Breakfast at Tsukiji

"Breakfast at Tsukiji" offers an early morning exploration of the Tsukiji Outer Market, a hub of fresh seafood and culinary history in Tokyo.

An Essential Tokyo Experience for Food Aficionados

"Breakfast at Tsukiji" is an essential Tokyo experience for food aficionados, immersing you in the historic and vibrant Tsukiji Outer Market (築地場外市場, Tsukiji Jōgai Shijō). This tour is a must-do for those passionate about food and eager to delve into Tokyo's culinary scene.

The Tsukiji Outer Market, adjacent to the former site of the famous Tsukiji Wholesale Market, remains a bustling hub of retail and wholesale shops and a multitude of restaurants, despite the wholesale market's relocation to Toyosu in 2018. As a celebration of the finest aspects of Japanese cuisine, this tour offers a chance to engage with the city's rich gastronomic culture in one of its most emblematic settings.

More than just a meal, it's set against the backdrop of the enduring Tsukiji market, a crucial part of Tokyo's seafood heritage offering a diverse selection of fresh and processed seafood, culinary tools, and more.

A Morning Feast of Fresh Sushi and Diverse Delicacies

Our tour kicks off in the early hours, capturing the essence of Tsukiji's dynamism. The restaurants, opening as early as 5:00 AM and wrapping up around noon or early afternoon, offer the freshest sushi, sourced directly from Toyosu Market. For this group activity, you'll meet your guide and fellow travelers at 8 AM for a 2-hour stroll through the market's alleys. You'll have the opportunity to buy and taste delicacies at various outdoor stalls, or enter restaurants for a more substantial tasting experience.

Be prepared, this won't be your usual croissants and coffee breakfast, but rather an adventure into seafood, miso soup, and meat croquettes.

Cultural and Gastronomic Deep Dive

Wandering through Tsukiji's alleys, this tour is not only a feast for the palate but also an insightful journey into the market's culture and history. You'll witness the fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary culinary practices.

Tsukiji also presents an opportunity to acquire exceptional Japanese kitchenware, including finely crafted knives, making for a memorable token from your gastronomic journey.

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Breakfast at Tsukiji

$50 per person

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