Top night activities in Japan

Activities after dark

The Sunset is quite early in Japan, but not interested in going home to slump in front of the television...  because when the neon lights turn on, the party begins: Discover our selection of activities after dark!

Les Tachinomiya, les bars sans siège japonais

Tachinomiya, Japanese bars without seats

Hub Japan

Until the night's end, warm up your vocal cords to the most significant Japanese and English hits or even to French songs that the Japanese love.

  • Nightclub

After a few drinks at an izakaya, Japanese clubs can be the perfect place to spend the night waiting for the first train. The Japanese are not necessarily very comfortable on the track, but the more the hour passes, the more the atmosphere heats up to the sound of the greatest American hits.


Karaoke rooms are open throughout Japan.

Karaoke halls are open all over Japan.


Club Ageha in Tokyo is the largest nightclub in Tokyo.

The AgeHa club in Tokyo is the biggest nightclub in Tokyo.


  • Concert

Often organized in the early evening, concerts can be an excellent way to discover new musical horizons, from indie rock bands to J-pop icons.

  • jazz club

Jazz clubs are trendy in Japan. Little unknown local artists and international references come to perform in establishments that are both chic and friendly.


Le Dome lors d'un concert

The Dome during concert evenings.


The Cellar

Concert at The Cellar.


Jigoku matsuri, feu d'artifices des oni !

Jigoku matsuri, oni fireworks!

Noboribetsu Onsen Visitor Center

Disney parks to discover at night


En place pour assister au spectacle

In place to watch the show


Découvrez le quartier de Gion de nuit avec un guide !

  • Included :

When the cherry trees are in bloom, many animations are installed so that you can enjoy the shades of pink in the dark. The sakura is only in color for a fortnight; it would be a shame to deprive yourself of a moment when you can admire them.




Lanterns illuminating the cherry trees along the Meguro River, Tokyo

Lanterns illuminating the cherry trees along the Meguro River, Tokyo

bristly owl flickr

In Japan, an absolute institution, fireworks often launch more than 10,000 rockets and sometimes last more than an hour. Hundreds of events are held each summer across the country.




Lac Shinji - hanabi

Hanabi on Lake Shinji.

Matsue Town

The autumnal counterpart of hanami, the blushing maple leaves are illuminated by lights for night viewing! 




Le jardin Rikugi-en illuminé

The illuminated Rikugi-en garden


  • Christmas lights

The Christian tradition has crossed borders to come to Japan, where every winter, shopping centers set up impressive structures that attract many couples.




Illuminations at Roppongi Hills

Day or night, the alleys of Shibuya Maruhan not always full of players rarely.

Day and night, the alleys of the Maruhan in Shibuya are rarely empty of players.


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