Choshi Dentetsu Railway 銚子電気鉄道線

  • Published on : 14/11/2016
  • by : Japan Experience

Nakanocho Station - Dentetsu Line train depot, Chiba Prefecture

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Choshi Dentetsu Railway is a private railway line connecting Choshi JR Station to the outlying coastal attractions of Choshi in Chiba Prefecture.

Stations and Sights

Choshi Station

Choshi Station connects to the JR Sobu Main Line and gives access to downtown Choshi, Kawagishi Park right at the Tone River, Choshi Ohashi Bridge crossing the Tone River, as well as the Yamasa and Higeta soy sauce factories and the historic Yamaju no Hishio soybean paste store.

Nakanocho Station

The train yard of the Dentetsu Line is located at this station. Many historic trains and locomotives are parked here as well as current rolling stock. Nakanocho Station is the place to visit for train spotters and railway fans.

Kannon Station

Kannon Station, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

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The park, consisting of pine forest close to the cliffs is located at about the easternmost spot of the Kanto area. It is very popular for its sunrises, especially by people who want to greet the New Year by watching the New Year's Day sunrise (the same applies to the nearby Inubozaki Lighthouse, see below).

Inubo Station

Access to the historic Inubozaki Lighthouse, one of the most famous lighthouses in the Kanto area. It was built by British engineer Richard Henry Brunton in 1874. The lighthouse is open to the public. Very popular for watching the first sunrise on New Year's Day.

Opening times: daily 8.30 am to 4 pm, closed in bad weather

Admission: adult 200 yen, children free

Address: Choshi City, Inubozaki 9576

Tel: 0479 25 8239

Website: (Japanese)Access to the Chikyu Tenbokan Horizon Observatory on Mount Atago. This observatory offers a 330 degree view over the sea and claims that you can experience the bend of the earth by looking out over the ocean. Mount Atago is a very rare spot in that you can watch a sunset over the sea on the East Coast of Japan.


Inubozaki Lighthouse, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

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Byoubugaura Cliff

Byoubugaura Cliff, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

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Nure Senbei

Nure-senbei sold by Choshi Dentetsu Railway

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