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Rush hours at train station in Japan

Rush hours at train station in Japan

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The essential transportation application

If you want to optimize your time when taking the train in Japan, you should plan your routes well in advance (and ensure that you order your Japan Rail Pass prior to departing for Japan). Jorudan is one of the most reliable websites and applications for looking up routes, fares and travel times.

JR Pass holders: How to use Jorudan?

JR Pass holders are limited in the types of Shinkansen they can travel on between Tokyo and Kagoshima. The key difference between the Nozomi/Mizuho and Hikari/Sakura bullet trains, is that the  Nozomi/Mizuho are faster and stop at fewer stations. Additionally, the JR Pass is not valid on this service. Hikari/Sakura, however, are fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass. In order to search for routes applicable to your JR Pass, you will need to be aware of the following.


In the mobile version of the App, users can choose to enable the JR Pass option. Selecting this option tells the search results to prioritize JR lines (and exclude Nozomi/Mizuho / Mizuho bullet trains)  when applicable. However, if your final destination is a non-JR line, the cost will still be listed.  The Premium version when used on the App, unlocks the other features listed above.. The app also shows a list of stations along the train route and any relevant platform numbers. 

Jorudan App

Application available on Android & Apple

Japan Experience

Jorudan App

Features available on the mobile version

Japan Experience

Jorudan App

Details of the route

Japan Experience

Jorudan App

Map available on the app

Japan Experience

Be connected : Get your fast and unlimited internet access for the entire duration of your trip

  • Included : Up to 12 hours of useUnlimited access 150MbpsLTE/4G/3G

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