Plan your trip to Japan

A trip to Japan is not improvised, especially when it is your first. Visa, budget travel, housing: what are the key elements to consider when preparing for a trip to Japan? Here are our Japan travel tips to help you plan.

What do you want to visit ?

The first phase to prepare for your trip to Japan is to work out what you want to visit. Are you rather city, mountain or a little of both? Would you like to discover the typical tourist sights or explore places off the beaten track? Do you want to discover a particular islands or major city in Japan? So many questions to ask ahead before making any reservations.en

When planning your trip there are two options available. You can:

  • • Choose an group tour which you will discover or rediscover Japan in the company of an expert guide. In this case, you will benefit from a package trip (including flight, accommodation and visits to attractions) and browse Japan with a group;

  • • Or opt for a individual trip that offers total freedom. You can organize alone or with the help of one of our specialists at Japan Experience.

Prepare your Japan Trip

As part of an organized tour, general costs and transport are generally included. If choosing to organize your own trip, you will need to organize traveling from A to Z, choosing which destinations and accommodation. Traveling around the country on a trip the best and most economical thing to use is the JR Pass. This pass allows you unlimited travel from coast to coast on the JR network, for only US$233 for 7 days (rates change daily with the exchange rate). The Pasmo cards will be also useful for traveling by train and subway within cities. To save time, you can order them online before you leave.

If you prefer to travel by car, you can rent a vehicle before you leave. By hiring a car you can also discover more rural areas of the Japanese countryside, which are harder to reach by public transport. 

Good to know: 
Japan is a big country and cities are located quite far apart, so be carefully to take the journey time into consideration when planning your itinerary.

Accommodation In Japan

Japan offers a variety of accommodation:

  • House rentals are a perfect way to experience life in Japan and soak up local culture. Japan Experience offers house rentals (for up to 8 people) in the heart of Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanazawa and Fukuoka. During your stay with us you will have the support of our Travel Angels, who will answer all your questions on the area, provide you with recommendations and practical advice.

  • • Traditional hotels, Western-style;

  • • The ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, preferred in the countryside or in smaller cities;

  • • Youth Hostels, for those on a budget.

Finding accommodation is the most important part of preparing a trip to Japan, with tickets booked and itinerary planned. Do not wait until the last minute to book your accommodation as Japan, is it’s a very popular destination especially during certain times of the year, such as Spring time.

Practical Information

There are very few formalities to be carried out when preparing a trip to Japan.

  • • Visa
  • Australian, U.K and U.S citizens do not need visas to travel to Japan as part of a tourist trip. You can stay up to 90 days in Japan Visa. All types of passport are accepted, whether biometric or not. They must simply be valid during the period of your stay.

  • • Health
  • Health costs in Japan are relatively expensive. It is best to protect themselves by taking out suitable health insurance before departure. Prior to any subscription, check if your credit card entitles you to any coverage. You could avoid unnecessary costs.Do not forget your prospective current treatments. Bring the medicines you need (you may indeed find it difficult to find within Japan) and check with the tourist board if you need a doctors note to bring the medication into the country.

  • • Telephone / Internet
  • If you want to call your loved ones at home, check with your cell phone provider on the deals for oversea calls. Do not forget that you will also be charge by your provider for internet connection, if you plan to do some research on your phone, use it as GPS or otherwise. Solutions like Pocket WiFi maybe a better idea, allowing you to benefit from a WiFi connection wherever you go and at a lower cost.

  • • Money
  • Cash is still king in Japan and credit cards will only be accepted at larger stores within cities and towns. Foreign debit and credit cards can be used at ATM’s at post offices and Seven Banks and be sure to inform your bank on the dates that you are traveling to Japan.

When you travel to Japan ?

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the experience you want to have in Japan. Spring is very popular because of the cherry blossoms, which offer an amazing show, and its many holidays and festivals but is also the most expensive period to travel.

Summer is very hot and humid but is also popular for its many cultural events, festivals and its unique cuisine. Autumn will allow meanwhile discover a Japan with flamboyant colors and mild climate. However, be careful when choosing your travel dates to avoid the typhoon season.

Winter is ideal time of year for cheaper travel, crowdless attractions and seeing Mt Fuji, which usually hidden by clouds.

How much to budget for the trip ?

The budget is an important to consider when preparing a trip to Japan. Currently, it costs about US$ 2,000 per person, (round trip airfare included). This estimate can vary depending on several factors including the starting time, length of stay, type of accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

It is often said that Japan is an expensive destination but this is not true. As for other trips it is possible to reduce costs, cheaper fares are available if you book airline tickets in advance (6-7 months before the departure date). Some seasons are also less expensive. Another note, the cost of food is very reasonable. By being thrifty, you can eat for US$ 20-25 per day on average.

You can also reduce costs by exchanging money before you depart for Japan. If you withdraw money when in Japan try to make a larger withdrawal so you will not incur bank charges and exchange rates.
Japan Experience can help you prepare for a trip to Japan. Whether you want to go on tour with a guide or independently and just rent accommodation, book your Japan Rail Passes, get helpful advice and assistance for your needs. Plan and organize a trip to Japan that suits you, with confidence.