Free tours in Japan 日本の観光無料スポット

Japan for not a penny

Traveling in Japan is quite expensive but whether it is religious sites, parks or unique places, it is possible to visit many places without spending a yen.

Meiji-jingu, célèbre sanctuaire de Tokyo

Meiji-jingu, famous shrine in Tokyo



Buddhist temples

The most famous are often paying but there are hundreds of them whose entry is free and which are often much less frequented and no less interesting.

  • In and around Tokyo:

- The Senso-ji temple , we don't present it anymore!

- The Zojo-ji temple . Located near Tokyo Tower . Built in 1393, it later became the family temple of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Its garden is populated with statues of Jizo, the bodhisattva protector of children.

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Vue du soshi-dō, le « bâtiment du fondateur », entouré de verdure.

Myohon-ji. View of the soshi-dō, the "founder's building", surrounded by greenery.


The Gotoku-ji in Tokyo is quite a sprawling complex where the famous cat statuettes focus on a single display.

The Gotoku-ji in Tokyo is a fairly large complex where the famous feline statuettes are concentrated on a single display.



  • In Kyoto:

- Maruyama Park is famous for its cherry blossoms. With 86,000 square meters of green space , it is the ideal place to rest or have a picnic.

- The Katsura Imperial Villa . A magnificent place consisting of a splendid garden and the buildings of the villa built in the 17th century for the emperor. Given its success, the site can only be visited by reservation (either by going directly to the counter, or by internet).



Illuminated cherry tree in Maruyama Park.


Katsura Villa

View of the pond from Villa Katsura.



And even

- Musashigawa-beya in Tokyo : a unique opportunity to attend the training of young sumos . It is necessary to make the request (in Japanese) by internet ( ).

- The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Go after the auction instead, you can get in without queuing.

- The Instant Noodles Museum , Cupnoodles Factory in Osaka. The visit is free but you have to pay if you want to try to create your own recipe .



Try the Chicken Ramen Factory!

The fireworks Miyajima lights, very well known for their beauty.

Miyajima fireworks, renowned for their beauty.


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