Changing Money   両替

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Natsume Soseki on the ticket for 1000 yen

Natsume Soseki on the ticket 1000 円.

Money, money, money

Exchange offices are rare in Japan: better get cash on the spot or exchange money before departure.

Japan is among the safest destinations in the world, so there is no need to worry about walking around with a large sum of cash on you!

Before you leave or once in Japan, be sure to check the the exchange rate.

An important detail to consider: in Japan, it is not so easy to find currency exchange ...

In Tokyo, a few large banks like Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in Shinjuku, offer this service. There are also many Travelex agencies in the city. As soon as one leaves the capital, exchange offices are scarce ... except at airports (eg Narita), but beware that the proposed rates are generally quite disadvantageous.

A good alternative: get yourself some yen to get started, and then withdraw money directly from the various ATMs as you go!

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