The top 3 ekiben in the JR East region   JR東日本の人気駅弁 TOP 3

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An ekiben stand in Kamakura station.

Discovering regional Japanese foods

Traveling by train in Japan makes it easy to get around the country. While exploring different regions, you can taste the various regional specialties thanks to ekiben, the boxed meals sold in the stations.

Discover the best ekiben from eastern Japan, according to JR East Line travelers!

Okami no omotenashi ekiben

3. Okami no omotenashi ekiben (Miyagi)

This bento, inspired by the hot springs of Naruko Onsen, is available at JR East stations in the Miyagi area. With shrimp tempura, local vegetables and onigiri, all beautifully presented in a bamboo basket, it reminds the Japanese of the feeling of the hospitality offered at Naruko Onsen! Balanced and refined, this packed lunch is priced at 1,300 yen (around $12).

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2. Tsugaru kaikyo niku bento sakana (Aomori)

Named in honor of the Tsugaru Strait - Tsugaru kaikyo meaning "Strait of Tsugaru" - north of Aomori, this bento includes both meat and tuna, a specialty of the region. You will also enjoy pickled squid and end your meal on a sweet note, with Aomori apple! This ekiben is on sale in the bento shops of Aomori prefecture stations like Shin Aomori, Aomori or Morioka. Price: 1,300 yen (about $12).

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Tsugaru kaikyo niku sakana bento

Hinaijidori no niwatori meshi bento

1. Hinaijidori no niwatori meshi bento (Akita)

The winner of the eastern Japanese ekiben is a specialty of the Akita region: the area is known for its hinaijidori chicken, whose meat is considered tastier and more tender than that of poultry from other parts of Japan! Another element in favor of this boxed meal is the balance of flavors between the meat, omelette and rice. You can buy this bento for 1,200 yen (around $11) in stations in the Akita region.

Source: JR East

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