Public telephones   公衆電話

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Japanese public telephone

Public coin telephone.

Call Japan

Often, your mobile phone becomes unusable once on Japanese soil. The solution: public phones!

In the streets, bars, hotels, shops, trains ... Japanese public phones are everywhere! Unlike many other countries, Japan did not get rid of public phones with the advent of mobile phones.

Easily identifiable by their green or gray color, they can be a great help in a country where your mobile phone is no longer of any use.

Only gray phones or for use with international calling cards, which display the words "international phone" will enable you to call overseas. Green phones are intended for local use only.

To use the phones, insert coins or swipe a prepaid card which can be found near the phone booths, at kiosks or a konbini. Attention: phones only take 10 or 100 yen coins!

Some international cards such as Moshi Moshi World Card or KDDI Super World Card allow you to call abroad from any public phone.

There is another alternative: rent a Japanese phone !

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