Dinner with Travel Angel

Dinner with your Travel Angel in Kanazawa

Fill up on some mouthwatering local dishes

The opinion of Japan Experience

Over great food and drink, sit down with a local guide and get a truly personal look on Japan and the vibrant city of Kanazawa.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Living in Kanazawa, our guides have been eating everything that Kanazawa has to offer. Knowledgeable about both expensive and more affordable - but always local - restaurants, sit down with him and you’ll get to know the ity from a local's point of view.


Kanazawa has terrific food, no question. With some of the arguably best fish in the country, local produce and unique flavors, and being a city famous for arts and crafts, the chefs in Kanazawa can create masterpieces.

But where to go? Don’t just choose from a travel website. You want to go where the locals go! Perhaps find somewhere you wouldn't try on your own. No need to worry - your guide will help you pick a restaurant that's local, and just right for your stomach and your budget. Sit down for dinner at a great Japanese restaurant, find out all you need to know about Kanazawa, and gain an international perspective on living in Japan.

Some options could include famous sushi restaurants without an english menu in sight, traditional Japanese food on the banks of Asanogawa river, hip fusion restaurants serving outstanding meat and fish dishes, or even tempura joints downtown where the food is cheap, but the flavor is top class. Whatever you're looking to eat, your guide will help you find it and have a truly enjoyable evening.


The meeting place can be anywhere in downtown Kanazawa. Your guide will get in touch with you a couple days before the dinner by email or phone to decide about the restaurant, meeting time and place.

This activity costs 6000 yen, but this price does not include the meal - yours and the travel angel's - that you will have to pay.
For more than 4 participants, extra fees will apply. Children are considered as a full participant.

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Oct 2016

We all enjoyed diner and Kanazawa visit with you. Thanks to you our stay in Kanazawa has been a great and rich experience.