One day Discovery in Kyoto
One day Discovery in Kyoto

Kyoto Discovery, Full Day

Experience 1,000 years of history

The opinion of Japan Experience

The itineraries that we organize allow you to travel the span of the history of the city, see sites both big and small, both the major tourist sites and hidden landscapes, are all treasures. Change of scenery guaranteed!
Please also feel free to let us know what interests you most so that we may create a course specifically for you.

Your Travel Angel's plus

A trip to Japan lets you observe another way of life, so different from ours. A full-day guided tour allows you, in addition to seeing the sights on offer, to share your travel experience with someone who has lived there for a long time, and is available to answer your questions. We always love hearing the thoughts and questions of travelers new to Japan.


The capital of Japan for ten centuries, Kyoto is without a doubt the home of Japanese culture: spirituality and customs, classic architecture and gardens. It is here that Japanese aesthetics took shape, and where it continues to evolve. Over the course of your day, discover the essence of this ancient former capital.


Decide on a meeting point with your guide.
Please note that the meals, entrance charges and transport for yourself and your guide are not included.
If there are more than 4 participants, extra fees will apply. Children pay the full adult price.

Latest review

Nov 2019

The day with Kodo Miura was just wonderfull!
We corresponded in advance about our expectations and he made a super tour out of this - with enough space left for spontanity.
He picked a very nice spot for lunch as well and finally delivered us at Nishiki-Market, from where we found our way around pretty good by ourselves!

All together I can recommend the activity and Kodo, who speaks german fluently, very much!!!

Sep 2019

The night walk showed us places in Kyoto no normal sightseeing tour would have ever shown. Beautiful night view over the city and informations about the city’s history that where new to me.
We learned a lot.
The tour guide was very polite and nice.
He really was looking after us.
Especially when we had the Kyoto day tour. He always insured that we are feeling alright during the tour. We saw beautiful things and again learn a lot about the interesting history of Kyoto.
Alex new exactly where we should go at which time, so that there are as few people as possible so we were able to take beautiful pictures.

In conclusion Alex is a brilliant tour guide
He is looking after the people he is guiding and knows a lot about Kyoto. As a guide and as a person Alex is a nice person. I would really recommend him for Kyoto tours. " 

Gordon B
Apr 2019

We did our tour in Kyoto with Hervé as our guide. Was he attentive and interesting? Yes! We communicated via email a few weeks before we got to Japan, so that we could tell Hervé what we were interested in seeing and arrange for a good itinerary. So that was great for planning our trip and which sights to see on our own.

During the tour Hervé gave us a lot of additional information about the sights (Nijo castle, Nishiki market, Kinkaku-ji and Ryoan-ji. We were impressed by his knowledge. He also respected our wishes for brief stops along the way or when we needed to get a Go-shuin stamp, told us a bit about his experiences in Japan and showed us some great places for food, where to shop for what we wanted to buy and how the bus system works. He even accompanied us to where we needed to go after the tour before returning home.

Personally, I liked talking to him a bit about Japanese history. Also, when we mentioned that we would see Miyajima and Osaka and that we love good Japanese food, he recommended to try out both of the different styles of Okonomiyaki.

Additionally he was also our guide for the Gion Nightwalk, where showed us around some nice and somewhat hidden places, explaining things along the way.

We were very happy to have Hervé as our guide for both the day tour and the Gion nightwalk. We would be happy to recommend him to anyone

Jake and Riley
Nov 2018

Herve was lovely as I expected. We loved what was planned for us. It was very thoughtful. My boys were a bit slow walking but Hereve accommodated that. He even stayed on to make sure we got to our next place of interest. Plus he found us a gluten free restaurant. Biggest MERCI !! 

Emrize Family
Apr 2018

We spent a full day in Kyoto with our guide Alexandre Barbe.
We learned a lot of interesting facts about Kyoto and saw the most exciting places, shrines and temples so far we could manage.
Alexandre has a very wide knowledge about Japan, its culture, religion and customs so he was always able to give us detailed informations. 

Camille Et Lyonelle
Apr 2018

We had an amazing day! The guide turned a touristy bamboo forest into a magical wander into Arashiyama and its surroundings, getting us to discover a lovely place... and eat delicious Japanese food.
We couldn’t ask for more!

The afternoon was amazing as well! Visiting the silver pavillon and the neighborhood up to Pontocho was great, all the sakura of the Philosopher path will stick up in our minds. Beautiful!

I think the guide understood very well what we liked - it is to say, genuine yet charming places - and the guide thoughtfully avoided crowded placed to let us enjoy what we think was the real Kyoto. Thank you for that!

Again, thanks you for everything and the lovely time spent together! 

Mathilde and her family
Oct 2017

We spent a fantastic day with our guide Hervé.
He was perfect and to discoverer kyoto with him was amazing.
We will highly recommend Hervé.

Brian. N
Jul 2015

Touring Kyoto was enjoyable. I cannot imagine having a better English speaking guide then Saki