Gastronomic stroll through Osaka

Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, etc. Osaka is undeniably the capital of street food in Japan. We encourage you to take a 3-hour gastronomic tour with a local guide.

The food tour is the best way to enjoy Osaka

 Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, and undeniably its street food capital. An evening stroll to try out Osaka's specialities is the best way to enjoy the city and what it has to offer.

Osaka's culinary specialities

 Osaka's street food is universally renowned in Japan: Takoyaki (small, perfectly round octopus fritters), Okonomiyaki (nicknamed "Japanese omelette"), kushikatsu (skewers of fried meat, fish and vegetables) and other succulent dishes; all Japanese will admit it: it's their guilty pleasure.

The people of Osaka are talented not only at cooking, but also at the atmosphere that goes with the act of eating, and all this with one goal in mind: to have a good time. In Osaka, the atmosphere is friendly, from street stalls to izakayas, Japanese bistros, where you can eat.

A tour of Osaka's lively districts with a local English-speaking guide

 The walk will take you through the narrow streets of Kuromon market, where you will see a wide range of seafood, then you will walk through Namba and Dotonbori, looking for the best gastronomic specialities, both on the main streets and in the hidden corners.

You will meet your local English-speaking guide at 4:30 pm at Kintetsu Nippombashi station, for a little over 3 hours of wandering and tasting. The tour includes stops at about 4 to 6 restaurants/shops/izakayas and two drinks, alcoholic or not, depending on your age and preferences.


Included in the offer:

Food and two drinks

Cancelation policy:

14 days before the tour/event date: 20% of the total price

1-2 days before the tour/event date: 50% of the total price

Same day (before the tour/event starts): 100%

No show: 100%

* You must be at least 20 years old to drink alcohol in Japan.


Gastronomic stroll through Osaka

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