Camping in Japan? It's possible!

Summer is coming and outdoor activities are calling.
Thus, camping becomes, once again a viable option during a trip to Japan. Indeed, aside from western hotels and ryokan, camping offers a good alternative both financially and in terms of experience.
Let’s discover this type of accommodation.


Japan land of camping

As its image does not necessarily match with the traditional-ultra modern facets of Japan, camping is a choice of accommodation, which is often forgotten by visitors to the archipelago.
However, you can find more than 2 000 campsites throughout Japan with prices ranging from 500 to 1500 yen per night.
The main problem remains their location. Indeed, they are sometimes difficult to access.
That is why it is best to check their location and the transport available in the area beforhand.
Some campsites are connected with a bus network but many of them can only be accessed by car.

However, they are often located right next to hot springs, in a calm and preserved natural environment.
Don’t hesitate to visit the city’s tourist office where you are staying to get information about local camp sites. 



Finding your camp site

The Japan National Tourism Organization offers a list ofJapan’s main camp sites.
This list covers all regions in Japan. It is a good place start if you want to create your “nature-oriented” trip to Japan.
The list not only provides the address of the campsite, but it also gives information on local attractions, prices and access to the site.
You will find the list under this link.
Take a look at the last page: it is the best way to easily localize the campsites.
If you cannot find what you are looking for on the JNTO list, the Mapple website lists more than 2000 campsite addresses in Japan.
Each campsite can easily be localized through its description page. A star rating system allows you to distinguish between all the different references.



Camping in the Tokyo area

Camping in Tokyo area will definitely allow for a wide variety of experiences, from the urban experience of the electric city to the more nature orientated visits possible in the region.
Opt for a campsite close to a JR station to avoid having to rent a car. Most Japanese campsites rent and sell all the necessary camping supplies except for food and clothing.
The Hikarigaoka Park is a great place to camp just outside of Tokyo. It is just a 5-minute walk from the Hikarigaoka metro stop on the Toei Oedo line.
This campsite is really a breath of fresh air in a very urban neighborhood. The site is equipped with a football pitch, basketball and tennis courts and even an aviary.
The Jonanjima Seaside Park located on the south side of Tokyo city-center, is an essential spot for camping.
It offers more than 1000 pitches for campers! But keep in mind that the pitches are taken up very quickly especially between late July and early August.
A bit further away, is the Ina Camping Village, located 10 minutes from the Musashimasuko station on the Itsukaichi line. It offers a wide range of accomodation from tents to cottages. You can rent all necessary camping equipment as well as a barbecue kit.
Hikawa Campsite also offers camping pitches, chalets and camping supplies. It is a 5-minute walk from Okutama station (2 hours by train from Tokyo city center). Perfect to recharge your batteries for a few days.



Finding free campsites

The Hatinosu website is specialized in free campsites. The red label is for campsites which charge a fee and the blue for the free ones.
The website is in Japanese but thanks to the automatic google translation system, you will easily be able to make your choice.
For a unique experience, head for Niijima: a volcanic island, which is part of the Izu archipelago, off the coast of Tokyo.
With its extraordinary white sand beach, its remarkable onsen and its peaceful atmosphere, it is often compared to Okinawa.
The icing on the cake, you can camp for free just a few steps away from the beach for example at Habushi-ura Camp Jo!
Bear in mind that there are many free municipal campsites. They offer free access to both bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, many are located next to beaches.

Japan by car

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Hiking near Kyoto

Marche dans la montagne japonaise                   
Cedar forest with a mysterious atmosphere, path of roots linking sacred trees, isolated pavilions dedicated to local divinities.

At the summit, Kurama temple, famous for its replenishing energy flows offers magnificent views of the valley and the picturesque village by the same name.

A brisk and reinvigorating walk thanks to a hot bath in the natural springs opposite Mount Kurama.
Supplement: transportation pass + onsen ticket (1700 yen)