Hot springs & baths   温泉 Land of Water

Land of Water

Sources of pleasure synonymous with wellness spas (onsen) and public baths (sento) delight the inhabitants of the archipelago.

A favorite destination for tourists in Japan is the stress killing onsen, 100% pure happiness. Bathing puts everyone in a good mood in Japan. Families, couples or friends, women on one side and men on the other (separated since arrival of the American army), they engage in this relaxing and delicious immersion totally nude. To not experience this in Japan is to seriously miss out.

You should know that the bath in Japan is not used for washing. To enter the clear warm waters one must be clean as a whistle. For the waters of the kami (Shinto gods) can not be soiled.

Lost in the mountains, coiled on the coast facing Mount Fuji, in the big city or in the countryside, the springs gush in all parts of the archipelago. In 2011, the Japan Ministry of Environment officially identified three thousand one hundred eighty-five spas.