Japanese envelopes 日本の封筒

From mail to gifts

In Japan, envelopes are not only used for mailing purposes but other special occasions...


Enveloppe d'étrennes pour les enfants, otoshidama

Gift envelope for children, otoshidama



The use of envelopes in daily life

In Japan, paying in cash is very common. Although the use of the bank card has developed, the bank check is very rare.

At the post office, everyone has the possibility of sending money, by special registered letter for cash or utilizing a special envelope at 20 yen (18 US cents about 15 euro cents). At the bank, the money is counted in front of you and then given to you in an envelope. This is why there are always envelopes available at each ATM cash dispenser.

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In the country of hygiene and respect in all circumstances, giving money directly is impolite, which is why the donation is always made in an envelope.

Gift envelopes

It is customary to give, or rather to offer as a gift, money for each significant moment in life: birth, school entry, the ceremony for children aged 3.5 and 7 years old Shichi-go- san, wedding, funeral. For the Seijin-shiki coming of age ceremony, the birthday, a departure (abroad, from a company, on retirement, etc.), without forgetting the great tradition of January 1 (otoshidama), it is customary to offer a sum of money in a pretty envelope.

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Enveloppe Shûgi-bukuro avec un beau mizuhiki

Shûgi-bukuro envelope with a beautiful mizuhiki

Jerome Laborde

Boîte aux lettres japonaise

Japanese mailbox


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