Shinrin-yoku: forest bathing 森林浴

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Découverte d'une forme de thérapie japonaise : les bains de forêt

Si la sylvothérapie ("thérapie de forêt") est désormais connue et pratiquée dans de nombreux pays autour du globe, on doit son invention au gouvernement japonais, qui, dès les années 1980, incita sa population à faire des promenades dans les bois pour son bien-être physique et mental. Depuis, ce sont 62 zones de l’Archipel qui ont été déclarées "base thérapeutique" ou route thérapeutique".

Shinrin-yoku becomes a registered trademark

This research and its results were convincing enough to make shinrin-yoku a real therapy. Since 2006, 62 zones in Japan have been declared "forest therapy base" or "forest therapy road". These are areas in the woods whose positive health effects have been scientifically proven. Therapists have been specially trained in shinrin-yoku and they accompany the participants on their walk.

Depending on the location, other various activities are available: Nordic walking, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques and even aromatherapy. Some participants may sometimes benefit from medical consultations where their heart rate and blood pressure are measured before and after the session.

During the walk, the therapist indicates how to look and listen to the surrounding nature, invites you to touch the trees, the moss and the other elements as well as to inhale the different smells present.

Some programs combine "therapy" and tourism by offering visits to villages, meals using local ingredients, or even taking old pilgrimage routes as on the paths of Kumano Kodo in the prefecture of Wakayama.

The river in the forest of Oirase Keikryu

The river in the forest of Oirase Keikryu

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