How to go from Sendai to Morioka?

  • Published on : 22/11/2022
  • by : Japan Experience

With the Shinkansen and a Japan Rail Pass

From Sendai to Morioka, you will find outstanding views of rural Japan to the left and right of the train. Most services run non-stop from Sendai to Morioka, but Yamabiko services stop along the way.

0 KM - Sendai Station

65 KM - 0H23 - Kurikoma-Kogen Station

The Shinkansen station of Kurihara City, known for its rice production and the 1 627-meter-high Mt. Kurikoma, a dormant volcano straddling the tri-prefectural border of Miyagi, Akita and Iwate.

94 KM - 0H32 - Ichinoseki Station

Disembark here to visit the aptly-named Genbikei (Gorge of Harsh Beauty), a gorge which features white water rushing over rocks, a few waterfalls and several hot spring hotels. If you are visiting during the cherry blossom season in early spring, head for Tsuriyama, a large hill located directly west of the station. Lit up by lanterns, it is as gorgeous at night as it is during the daytime. Change here for Hiraizumi. Only 8 kilometers north of Ichinoseki, reached in less than 10 minutes by local trains on the JR Tohoku Line. In Ichinoseki, you can also ride the Pokémon train.

119 KM - 0H45 - Mizusawaesashi Station

The Shinkansen station of Oshu City. Stop here to get a bite of the famous, delicious, fatty, marbled ‘Maesawa beef’ that is a growing competitor to the legendary Kobe and Matsuzaka beef. It is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. To get the full experience, try the raw Maezawa beef sushi.

Must-sees on the journey from Sendai to Morioka
Sendai, capital of the Tohoku region
Mt. Kurikoma, a dormant volcano near Kurikoma-Kogen Station
Stop at Ichinoseki Station for the Genbikei Gorge
Oshu City and the gorgeous Ajisai Forest
The Kitakami River is lined with thousands of cherry trees
Hanamaki City, known for its onsen resorts
Morioka is surrounded by both mountains and rivers
A map of the itinerary

Travel around Hiraizumi conveniently!

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