Manzai, Japanese humor 漫才:日本のユーモア

Acteurs de manzai

manzai actors


Japanese stand-up


Very popular in Japan, the manzai is an emblematic comic duo of Japanese humor. Similar to our Western stand-up , it is nevertheless more codified and the actors must train for years to master its codes.



A discipline with the wind in its sails


Still very popular today, the manzai also arouses vocations ! Elevator to success, it is a real springboard for young artists wishing to break into the world of comedy one day. And many film actors have also started by becoming manzai-shi , performer of manzai , before finding glory on the big screen, like the world famous Takeshi Kitano .


This is why manzai schools and national competitions are always full on the archipelago. Among the most recognized, the M-1 Grand Prix , a competition broadcast and organized by the television channel TV Osaka, reveals new talents every year. Very serious, this competition is judged by distinguished actors of Japanese cinema, including several former manzai-shi . The winning duo will then be awarded the modest sum of 10,000,000 yen (100,000 euros), as well as a good publicity stunt.


But it is above all for the skills it brings that the art of manzai is highly appreciated by young actors. An iron discipline requiring rigor and humility, the manzai responds to precise codes which help to develop stage expression .


Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano started in the manzai


Un duo masculin/féminin

The manzai is not just for men. And there are also a lot of very popular co-ed groups in Japan.


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