5 reasons to rent a house in Japan

Why rent a house in Kyoto or Tokyo instead of booking a hotel room?

What are the benefits?

Is it convenient when you do not speak Japanese?

Find the answers below, you won't hesitate any longer!

GREAT VALUE accommodation option

From $83/€80 a day, renting a house is much more economical than many hotels.

Live Japanese style in a traditional house

Equipped in Japanese style and carefully renovated, our houses offer the best comfort available.

A stress-free stay thanks to your Travel Angel

He or she welcomes you upon your arrival to show you your house and the local district and can offer you assistance throughout your stay.

In the heart of Kyoto and Tokyo to discover Japan at your own pace

Each house has been chosen for the quality of its location (transport, shops, temples...) and to make your stay easier.

Ideal accommodation for GROUP TRIPS

Our houses accommodate up to 6 people, making them ideal for families or groups of friends.

Japan Experience propose you these houses