Koba Tilet


Originally from California, Koba has lived in Japan for 3 years to finish her studies in Hospitality and Tourism. However, she was seduced by Beppu and the island of Kyushu, to which she not only learned the language but learned to appreciate the Japanese culture due to the open hearted locals. Takayama is her new adventure: discover and learn the beauty of Japanese Countryside.

His/Her background

Koba studied at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Hospitality and Tourism from 2013 to 2016. Afterwards she spent 6 months in France and 1 month in the United States. Koba returns to Japan 2017, in Takayama to continue living out her passion. 

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

Old Town in Takayama: Not only has a lot of Charm but is very well preserved with houses from the edo period.
To find out more, discover Koba's Top 10 Suggestions for Takayama 

To bring back with you :

Chadogu, which is the accessories utilized to prepare tea for a tea ceremony.

Things to do :

In April and October, the most spectacular event is the Takayama Matsuri with its parade of floats. This is one of the three festivals that are most important in Japan.
The rest of the year, stroll down the old merchant town Sanmachi suji or discover the atmosphere of the morning markets with fresh vegetables and products (Asa-Ichi).

Dishes to Try :

A must try is Hida Beef, particularly from a restaurant called Ajikura Tengoku, which is right next to Takayama Station. 

Traps to avoid :

Avoid waking up too late, instead take advantage of the morning markets, temples and museums, since several locations close quite quickly in the afternoon.

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