Laetitia Da Costa

Laetitia, Travel Angel, Japan Experience


Laetitia has been living in Tokyo for 10 years. Why Tokyo? Because the city is filled with museums, art galleries as well as parks where you can enjoy picnics with friends. Laetitia also loves playing yukulele with her band and looking for the best izakaya in Tokyo. From Hokkaido to Ishigaki-jima, Leatitia has traveled throughout Japan to discover Japanese culture. 

His/Her background

Laetitia first experienced Japan when she was 16 during a language immersion program in Japan. She went to a Japanese high school (Gakushuin) and discovered Japanese daily life in a host family. In 2001, her passion for Japan takes her back for an exchange program at Keio University in Tokyo. Since then, Laetitia has been living in Japan. Specialized in advertising production, she now works as a translator as well as a cultural project manager. 

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

The Nezu Museum’s garden in Aoyama, the Mori Tower observatory in Roppongi, the Asakusa neighborhood and the Meiji Jingu temple.

To bring back with you :

A furoshiki (the colorful Japanese multitask piece of fabric), Geita shoes (to impress your neighbors), Kimako and Ume candies (you will fall in love with them for sure).

Things to do :

During summer, wearing a Yukata and joining the dance in a “bon odori”. These little neighborhood festivals are the best example of Japanese tradition and conviviality.
During winter, drinking hot sake in a “tachinomi”, small inexpensive standing bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a drink or a snack in a warm atmosphere.

Words to Know :

« Yoroshiku onegai shimasu » that sometimes translates to “Nice to meet you”, or to “Please”: use this expression when meeting someone for the first time, asking for a favour, or when starting a collaboration with someone. It is the Japanese expression of kindness to say that the contact is established.  

Dishes to Try :

The Monja-Yaki, a softer version of the Okonomi-yaki (thick crepes). An entire street is dedicated to this delicious specialty of Tokyo in Tsukishima. 

Traps to avoid :

Tokyo is usually bigger than you think, keep it in mind when using public transportation. 


"My deepest gratitude to Laetita, our Tokyo Travel Angel! She has always surprise us. She have been very kind to us ever since 4 years ago. Beside the house/apartment and cost, Laetitia was part of the reason me and my wife keep coming back to book Japan Experience's property. «

Simon W.