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The area around Kanazawa Station is a mix of big city lights and old town traditions. With department stores, delicious restaurants, craft and souvenir shopping, and buses to take you around the city, this district is a great place to stay in Kanazawa.

At the station’s entrance is an eye-catchingly beautiful wooden arch, drawing its design from the torii gates found in Shinto shrines and also drums used by geisha in Kanazawa. There are many restaurants within a five minute walk from the station, where you can find fresh sushi, fun izakayas, tasty fusion restaurants and lively bars.

The loop buses leaving from the station will take you around the city, stopping at all the sights here in Kanazawa. Omicho Fish Market and the Samurai District are also about a fifteen minute walk from the station. With bullet trains to Tokyo, express trains to Nagoya and Kyoto, and buses to Shirakawago and Takayama, Kanazawa Station is your perfect hub right off the Sea of Japan.


Convenient, many restaurants and bars, shopping, nightlife.
Loop and JR buses to anywhere in the city.
Omicho Fish Market and Nagamachi Samurai District are about a 15 minute walk.


Less traditional than other parts of the city.
Kanazawa castle and Kenroku garden are a 30 minute walk.


Department stores, craft and souvenir shopping, fish market


From Tokyo: Bullet train (2:30 h)
From Kyoto: Express train (2:00h)
From Takayama: Nohi bus or train (~2:30h)
From Nagoya: Express train (3:00h)


Omicho Fish Market : 15 minute walk
Nagamachi Samurai District : 15 minute walk
Kenrokuen Garden : 15 minute bus ride
Higashi Chaya District : 10 minute bus ride

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