Neighborhoods Katamachi


Katamachi is the main district of downtown Kanazawa. While you have all the conveniences of the big city like restaurants, shopping and live music, you are just a couple minutes away from the famous samurai district, the ninja temple, the 21st century museum of contemporary art, and the beautiful Saigawa River. Walk, take a bus, or rent a bike and easily get to all of the sights in Kanazawa like the famous Kenroku-en garden, Omicho fish market, and Higashi Chaya tea district. The food in Kanazawa is to die for, and there is no other place to get a better look at the selection of dishes than in Katamachi.


Convenient for eating, shopping and people watching
Very close to Naga-machi samurai distict


Not as traditional as other neighborhoods
20 minute walk to Kenroku-en garden


Marue mini supermarket
Ceramic galleries and traditional umbrella store
Many different kinds of restaurants and cafes
Daiwa and other department stores
Daily Yamazaki convenience store


Buses from Kata-machi stop take you anywhere in the city. Many taxis available.


Bottega di Takamazzo - Italian
Zu-san - Tempura
Kappou Takeshi - Traditional Japanese
La Nene Goose - French
8-40 Banchi - Japanese BBQ


- Nagamachi Samurai District
- Ninja Temple
- Saigawa river
- Downtown Kanazawa
- 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art


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