The Musical Tokyo Subway   発車メロディ

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Tokyo Jukebox

Eki-melo, a real feature of Japanese subways and trains, are easily recognizable melodies,  which some visitors will not hesitate to revisit the same stops to record them.

Any visitor to Japan will have noticed the music triggered by the arrival of a train or tram. Some do not pay attention, or only half listen, but here you have one of those little touches that make Japan ... Japan.

Omotenashi Music

This is a demonstration of Japanese omotenashi, the sense of service. These melodies, unique to each station, allow travelers to understand where they are without even looking up from their smartphone or even with their eyes closed- the metro benches being so comfortable.

For the most important stations in Tokyo, you can even listen to different music depending on the platform and the direction of the train. Meanwhile, the most passionate travelers have the possibility of buying music boxes of their favorite stations.


These melodies are simple to remember, and after a few days, you will recognize Shinjuku or Shibuya on the very first note. Outside the urban transport network, we can also hear other music, such as bird recordings to lower the stress of big cities, or the melodies of traffic lights indicating the passage of pedestrians.

The Japanese city is filled with music, and in the provincial towns you will even hear melodies signaling 12pm or 5pm, as well as music brightening shopping streets or even the music of itinerant vans like the local tofu vendor.

The eki-melo are elements of the soundscape of Tokyo. Anecdotally, they are made by a composer who has copyright ... a man who has no financial problems.

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