Osaka Sumo Tournament (March)

Sumo, that sacred sport, which seems to come straight out of the ancient Japanese legends. What if you could see a tournament in the big city of Osaka?

The Sumotori, Japanese Stadium Gods

Amusing or terrifying, but always mysterious, sumo wrestling is fascinating. Japanese wrestling, or sumotori, is a sport that has its roots in religion, but is still very much alive today, watched on TV and in stadiums, and followed closely by male and female fans alike. What one goes to see at a sumo tournament is not only these giants clashing on their earthen arena, but one also goes for the atmosphere of the place, the shouts of encouragement from the audience, the referee's costume, the rituals of the rikishi (another name for Sumo) who are focusing before the fight, etc...

Attend a Sumo tournament in Osaka

The city of Osaka is known as the gastronomic capital of Japan, but also especially for its lively neighborhoods, and its good atmosphere. The EDION Arena Osaka is the venue for the annual Sumo tournaments in March.


※ The tickets we sell are for standard balcony seats with chairs. If you prefer to sit on cushions on the floor or have seats closer to the stage, please contact us to let us know.

※ The stadium opens at 8:30am, except on the last day when it opens at 10am. Fights take place all day until 6pm, but the highest level sumos fight in the late afternoon.


Osaka Sumo Tournament (March)

$42 per person

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