Obi city tour 飫肥城下町

Tours and activities in Obi, the little Kyoto of Kyushu

Nicknamed the "little Kyoto" of Kyushu, Obi is a small castle town attached to the city of Nichinan, in the south of Miyazaki prefecture. However, you will find neither grandiose temples nor palaces, nigeisha but a charming town far from the crowds of visitors. It is in peace that you can walk its streets lined with beautiful old residences, visit its castle or even taste its culinary specialties.

The culinary specialties of the city of Obi


Do not miss to taste the local specialties: " Attuyakitamago " (rolled Japanese omelet) and " Obi-ten ". Atsuyakitamago is found in almost all of Japan, but that from the Nichinan region has a sweet flavor and a creamy texture reminiscent of flan.

Obi-ten is a fish pate (caught in the nearby sea called the Hyuga-nada sea) mixed with tofu, soy sauce, miso, and brown sugar, all deep-fried. oil. You can buy them individually in a small shop that sells tempura to take away: Tempura no kodama ten.

Magasin d' Obi-ten

Obi-ten's store

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La route côtière de Nichinan

The Nichinan Coastal Road


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    The castle town is about 1.5 km from JR Obi Station. A bus from Miyazaki goes to the castle town.

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