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The best restaurants in Japan for a successful trip

In terms of gastronomy, Japan has become a leading destination for people with excellent taste. Here, chefs are free of ostentatious brands. It's all about the product, simply the product, the purity and the specific technique... Delight on a plate.

Cuisine des Huits Enfers de Beppu

Cuisine des Huits Enfers de Beppu


Le Robot restaurant à Tokyo

Le Robot restaurant à Tokyo

Richard Schneider

Our activities and guided tours in Japan with a focus on food:

  • Discover Osaka, the gastronomic capital of Japan.
  • Discover a wealth of previously unknown delicacies with a specialist in Japanese cuisine by visiting the welcoming market on Nishiki Street in Kyoto.
  • A moment of relaxation and learning around the table, learn the basics of Japanese family cooking to bring back in your luggage and extend your stay: in Tokyo and in Kyoto.
  • Get to know the fascinating world of tea, the mythical drink of Japan, Asia and of the world, on a unique excursion far from the tourist routes, in contact with an authentic and ancestral land in Kyoto.



Comptoir d'un restaurant de Kyoto

Comptoir d'un restaurant de Kyoto

John Gillespie

Restaurants et cafés

Shin Shin ramen

Ramen Shin-Shin: the best tonkotsu ramen restaurant in Fukuoka

Ramen, those delicious Japanese noodles served in a savory broth, have become a culinary phenomenon the world over.

irasshai concept store japonais paris épicerie restaurants cafés

Irasshai Paris: the ultimate Japanese destination in the heart of the French capital

Irasshai is a new concept store dedicated to Japanese cuisine and culture, located in central Paris.

kaiseki monya tokyo restaurant

We tried Monya, a kaiseki restaurant in Tokyo

We tried out the Monya restaurant in Tokyo, which specializes in kaiseki meals!

Pain et petites boules

What are the best bakeries in Tokyo?

In the land of sushi, bakeries abound. There are said to be more than 10,000 throughout Japan and several thousand in Tokyo. It is difficult to make a selection as there are so many good bakeries.