Parks and Gardens 庭園

  • Published on : 29/06/2022
  • by : J.L.T.B. / K.C.

The most beautiful traditional gardens and parks to visit in Japan

Japanese gardens are not confined to the art of bonsai. These extraordinary gardens extend from the unknown, creating shapes similar to a distant landscape, breaking the order of the tiny and the infinite. The plant, mineral and water elements reproduce the beauty of nature. A rock is respected for its very existence ...

Moss gardens, rock gardens, and landscaped gardens breathe with the music of the water and wind. Gardeners are maestros recreating nature, artificially sublime, holding forces of the invisible.

Japanese gardeners, masters of illusion

The Japanese garden plays a lot on perspective, especially in the case of borrowed landscapes, shakkei. The shakkei gardens give the impression of infinite dimensions thanks to confused boundaries and games of dissimulation (miegakure, hide and reveal). Natural elements hide the real limits of the garden, while external and distant elements are incorporated into the composition (temples, pagodas, hills, mountains).

    Le jardin Hamarikyu

    Le jardin Hamarikyu

    Guilhem Vellut

    Parcs et Jardins japonais

    Japan Visitor - chidorigafuchi_park_x-1.jpg

    Chidorigafuchi Park: A scenic cherry blossom paradise in Tokyo

    Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Chidorigafuchi Park stands as a testament to the breathtaking beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms.

    Japan Visitor - minoo-park-guide-1.jpg

    Minoo Park: A Natural Oasis on the Outskirts of Osaka

    Nestled in the forested valley just north of Osaka's urban sprawl, Minoo Park is a popular destination for nature lovers and those seeking a break from the city.

    Japan Visitor - hibiyapark2018.jpg

    Hibiya Park: A green oasis in the heart of Tokyo

    Nestled in the bustling center of Tokyo, Hibiya Park offers a peaceful 16-hectare escape from the surrounding urban landscape.

    Exterior of Kyoto Imperial Palace

    Kyoto Imperial Palace: a historic gem in the heart of Kyoto

    Emperors, empresses, princes and concubines lived for centuries behind the walls of Kyoto-gosho. Today the former imperial palace welcomes visitors and transports them back in time.