• Published on : 29/09/2020
  • by : Japan Experience


Horyuji Temple


Nara's Horyuji, located in Ikaruga, is a vast place of worship amid the pine trees, and houses the oldest recorded wooden buildings in the world. It remains the oldest temple in Japan!

Noboribetsu Onsen

Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the most famous hot spring resorts on the northern island of Hokkaido.

Hanamikoji, le coeur du quartier de Gion

Gion & Higashiyama in Kyoto

The traditional neighborhood of Gion along with its Geisha has contributed to making Kyoto famous. Despite an urban metamorphosis, the spirit of Kyoto positively asserts itself here.

Kyo Odori

Kyo Odori

Lerideau se lève sur des poupées de porcelaines. Le Kyo Odori célèbre l'arrivéedu printemps par des chants et des danses qu'exécutent les geiko (geisha) et les apprenties, les maïko.

The Byodo-in Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently renovate in 2014, the Byodo-in is located in the center of the small town of Uji, not far from Kyoto.

World Spa

Eight floors of onsen, saunas and swimming pools ... Customers will not go to Spa World for an authentic Japanese spa.

Shoseien park


Hôte du temple Higashi Honganji, Shoseien offre à ses visiteurs une quiétude certaine...

Tourists take a boat trip to Kurashiki.


A preserved old merchant town, pretty Kurashiki's historic warehouses, have been converted into museums, boutiques and restaurants.

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