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2016 Sanja Matsuri à Tokyo

Spring festivals in Japan

In spring, the majority of matsuri are organized around the flowering of Japanese cherry trees. During this popular season comes the tradition of Hanami, a time of celebration where family, colleagues and friends gather to picnic under the branches of the cherry blossoms.

You can experience this at the Kawazu cherry tree festival, or at Ueno Park or Hirosaki park and have your very hanami party.





Cerisiers en fleurs au Japon

agathe marty

Summer festivals in Japan

Fireworks and Yukata are Japanese summer festival staples due to the colorful displays. The light summer cotton kimono know as a "Yukata" comes in many designs and colors and lends itself perfectly to summer celebrations. The fireworks, know as hanabi in Japanese lights up the skies. 






Fillette à un matsuri local de Sakunobe

Fillette à un matsuri local de Sakunobe

Big Ben in Japan

Fall festivals in Japan

Many festivities during October and November are arranged around the changing of the leaves in fall. Called Koyo, this red and gold autumn highlighted through lighting shows.

It is also an opportunity to taste the delicious culinary specialties that are based on the seasonal foods of persimmon, ginkgo nuts and sweet potato!

L'automne au Japon

L'automne au Japon

Annie Guilloret

Winter festivals in Japan

Winter is often regarded as one of the best seasons to visit Japan; its dry and sunny climate promises visitors the best conditions for exploring. During the winter months, Japan's northern island of Hokkaido and mountainous regions are guaranteed snow. Most festivals and events held during the winter celebrate the snow and this magical season. 

But the essential winter festival in Japan is the Yuki Matsuri, the Sapporo Snow Festival. Other snow matsuri are organized all over Japan, like the Yokote Kamakura snow festival.



Les matsuri sont des moments intenses partagés par tous.

Les matsuri sont des moments intenses partagés par tous.

Carlos Donderis

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