Nightlife in Japan: Going out, exploring and drinking ナ イ ト ラ イ フ

  • Published on : 04/07/2022
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Our advice and top tips to fill up your evenings in Japan

In Japan, the time for fabulous escapades never stops in the metropolises and the horizons are almost limitless. To please the curious, the pleasure seekers, the epicureans and other sybarites, what could be better than going out, exploring and drinking to embrace the spirit of Japan?

Japan's nightlife hotspots

  • Tokyo's Shinjuku, with the alleys of the Golden Gai and those of Kabukicho
  • Roppongi, Tokyo's party district
  • The Ponto-chô lane in Kyoto
  • Dotonbori, the nocturnal soul of Osaka
Un des microscopiques bars du Golden Gai de Tokyo.

Un des microscopiques bars du Golden Gai de Tokyo.

Eddy Milfort

Vie nocturne au Japon : Sortir, voir et boire

Neon lights of a robot at the Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant

Flighting robots, futuristics choreography and other scenes of science fiction: the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku features performances straight out of anime movies.


Tokyo tower nuit

What to do in Tokyo when you suffer from jet lag?

With ten or more hours of time difference, flights from the West can sometimes cause some inconvenience when you arrive on Japanese soil.

L'entrée du Golden Gai.

Shinjuku's Golden Gai District

Six narrow and crowded alleys, sometimes linked by even narrower passages, some two hundred tiny and outdated stalls, a bit decrepit: welcome to Golden Gai.

L'observatoire de la mairie de Tokyo

Tokyo City Hall, Shinjuku Twin Towers Observatory

The Empire State Building is to New York what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. But what about the city of Tokyo? Which building really makes the identity of the Japanese capital?

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