Japanese insects

Beware of pests

Before getting on the plane, be sure you're ready to face the crawling and flying critters that you will surely encounter in Japan!

Some preventive tips:

  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Have antihistamine cream in your bag.
  • If stung, try to extract the stinger and squeeze (don't suck) as much venom as possible before applying cream.
  • Go to the hospital for a checkup even if the wound seems okay. The phrase "I was stung by a giant hornet" is "Suzumebachi ni sasaremashita" in Japanese ( スズメバチに刺されました).

A mukade, Japanese giant centipede

Anti-mosquito products

  • The word kayoke 蚊除け indicates that a product repels mosquitoes, katori 蚊取り that it kills them.
  • To ward off mosquitoes on summer evenings use spiral incense, it's called katorisenko 蚊取り線香.
  • You will also find electronic diffusers, called denshikatoriki 電子蚊取り器

A katorisenko to ward off mosquitoes

The harmless

  • House centipedes, or gejigeji

Don't be too quick to judge them, because gejigeji are there to help you! This friendly centipede will hunt for all the little insects you don't want to see hanging around your house. If his appearance disgusts you, feel free to kindly show him the door. But think twice about it: in exchange for letting him stay, the gejigeji is happy to eat bed bugs and the horrible roaches that creep everywhere.


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