During the summer Japan unveils its most festive face, that of the matsuri! Japan Experience takes you on a journey of discovery of these unique traditional festivals in the world. From North to South of Japan, these festivals are astounding and fascinating. We selected the most unusual matsuri.
Find also the great classics of matsuri: the Gion festival in Kyoto, the festival of Takayama and all the festivals of Japan, city by city.

Japan in summer is also white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Over 30,000 kilometers of coastline, we chose the five most beautiful seashores of the Archipelago. Special mention for the Tokyo area, which includes several beaches as well as offshore islands, such as those of the Ogasawara archipelago, ideal for a relaxing and nature excursion away from it all.Escape the heat of the big cities by going for a stroll in the great outdoors with our selection of excursions for summer in Japan.

Discover also the fireworks, the climb of Mount Fuji, the summer gastronomy and the best activities recommended by our Travel Angels, city by city, in our Summer in Japan page.