Ten Japanese Christmas Gift Ideas

Japan at home with Japanese objects found in France

Since we are still not able to travel to Japan this year, why not make travel those who dreamed of discovering Japan by giving them Christmas gifts from the Land of the Rising Sun? It is now easy to find these articles everywhere in France or online. Here are ten categories from which to draw gift ideas to live a little Japanese style while staying at home.

5 - Interior decoration


Whether you want to transform your interior or simply add a Japanese touch, the choice is vast. A few zabuton (large cushion on which you sit on the floor) placed on the floor; on the wall, a print or a kakemono (painting or calligraphy on a roll of silk or paper); a Japanese lamp or lampshade for subdued light: Japan is coming to your home.


6 - Textiles


Silks, cottons, embroidery : a whole world of beauty and softness that can be found in Japanese pouches, noren ( short curtain), Furoshiki (piece of fabric used for wrapping) or of course, clothes.

To relax at home, nothing better than putting on a cotton yukata or jinbei.

Kinryu-zan in Asakusa

This takemonois composed of a flower arrangement and calligraphy suggesting spring

This takemonois composed of a flower arrangement and calligraphy suggesting spring

Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakemono#/media/File:Hanging_scroll_and_Ikebana_1.jpg

A bottle wrapped in a furoshiki

A bottle wrapped in a furoshiki

Jérôme Laborde

jinbei and yukata for kids

Children's versions of these clothes can be found everywhere. Isn't it cute?


10 - Books


In the digital age, what could be more pleasant than leafing through a beautiful book ? Those on Japan are plentiful, from drunken photography to art books or even a box of the famous Le Ditdu Genji by Murasaki-shikibu magnificently. illustrated with reproductions of traditional Japanese paintings.

There are also all the works of Japanese authors translated into French. Dictionaries and books for learning Japanese.

And then, of course, don't forget all the guides to prepare for a future trip to Japan. Our Tokyo, ideal guide will make you discover or rediscover the capital to better explore it later. The book is only available in French. 



"Tokyo, le guide idéal"

"Tokyo, le guide idéal"

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