The konnyaku こんにゃく

The star of slimming diets


Consumed for centuries in Asia, konnyaku, pronounced "konjac", has for some years become synonymous with diet in the West. But what is it exactly?


Salade de vermicelles de konnyaku (shirataki)

Konnyaku vermicelli salad (shirataki)

Sarah R


Why this enthusiasm in the West?


In France, in recent years, konnyaku has invaded the diet shelves. It is found in appetite suppressant capsules, "spaghetti" (shirataki), and other products all promising to lose weight. It is true that with less than 10 calories per 100 grams, you can eat it at will and consume it as a substitute for starchy foods. Rich in fiber, it is made up of 50% water and has the power to absorb liquids. It thus swells quickly in the stomach, bringing a feeling of satiety. It is also credited with "detox" virtues because it ensures the regularity of intestinal transit and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

In addition to its benefits for slimming diets, glucomannan would also have beneficial effects on constipation, cholesterol, and diabetes.


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Voici à quoi ressemble le konnyaku dans le comemerce

This is what konnyaku looks like in commerce


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