Japan's 100 waterfalls 日本の滝百選

The most beautiful waterfalls in Japan

Japan has many lists of its natural and cultural beauties, such as the list of 100 Famous Mountains of Japan. Its hilly landscape also offers many magnificent waterfalls, listed by Japan's Ministry of the Environment.

The review of the most beautiful waterfalls

The land of the rising sun is 70% occupied by mountains, geography conducive to the formation of waterfalls when the torrents see their bed broken at a point over several meters. Magnificent waterfalls can thus be found across the islands. It is within this framework that the Ministry of the Environment has compiled from 517 falls identified by the administration a list of the 100 waterfalls of Japan where one can admire some of the most impressive perspectives of the archipelago.

And among the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan, we find:

Japan's most beautiful waterfalls
Japan's most beautiful waterfalls
Shomyo Falls
Nachi Falls
Fukuroda Falls
Kegon Falls
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The Shômyô waterfall


Shomyo waterfall is the highest in Japan. Located in the town of Tateyama, it falls from a height of 350 meters, divided into four floors located respectively 70 meters, 128 meters, 224, and finally 350 meters from the source of the waterfall.

This particularly spectacular waterfall and addition between April and the month of July doubled by its twin, the Honnoki waterfall, a seasonal waterfall of 497 meters which forms when the snows of the Midagahara mountain melt.

les chutes de Shomyo

With 350 meters in height, the falls of Shomyo are the highest in Japan.


Nachi waterfall

Nachi Waterfall is perhaps the best known in the whole archipelago. It is close to the Kumano Nachi Taisha, a sacred place of Shintoism and Japanese Buddhism. Along with the vermilion Seigantoji pagoda, it forms one of the best-known images of Japanese heritage.

This waterfall, 133 meters high and 13 meters wide, is considered a kami for Shinto, while Buddhist sects associate it with the boddhisatva Kannon.

Lorena aka Loretahur, Flickr

Fukuroda Falls

Fukuroda Falls, located in Daigo, Ibaraki Prefecture, are impressive in their width of 73 meters with huge rock formations where torrential waters crash.

The landscape takes on new skin with each season, changing in spring and summer from massive waters splashing around to a frozen river in winter or fall providing a bright red adornment to the panorama.



Fukuroda Waterfalls

Wiki commons

The Great Kegon Waterfall

Nikko is the setting for this great waterfall, which is the addition of 12 waterfalls. Neighboring Lake Chûzenji, it crushes its waters to the ground after 97 meters. The luxuriant nature takes on the usual colors of Japan, especially in autumn the momiji which grows in dense leaves on the edges of the fall.

This waterfall is also known for the poem that the student poet Misao Fujimura engraved on the trunk of a tree before committing suicide there, a story that marked Japan at the beginning of the 20th century and of which Natsume Soseki spoke.

Kegon Waterfall in Autumn

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