The cherry blossoms through art 芸術で楽しむお花見

Hanami on canvas: the most beautiful works through centuries

With the arrival of spring, the streets, gardens and mountains of Japan welcome the cherry blossoms and the whole archipelago is covered in pink for a few days, a few weeks. The ephemeral beauty of these flowers and their blossoming have been immortalized by Japanese artists for centuries and continue to inspire people around the world today. 

Discover cherry blossoms from a unique angle: works on canvas, cinema, photography… appreciate the arrival of spring in all its forms.

Cherry blossom "Sakura" in Meguro, Tokyo

Cherry blossom "Sakura" in Meguro, Tokyo

©Jordy Meow

... in textile...

The beauty of cherry blossoms can not only be seen, but also worn. Textile art is very important in Japan and these traditional clothes, as sumptuous as they are, are still worn today on special occasions such as the Seijin Shiki, the coming of age ceremony.

Discover with us sumptuous kimonos decorated with these bright spring colors! And maybe you will be tempted by a fitting session during your next trip to Japan?


sakura flowers

Pixabay movies and books...

Discover or rediscover Sweet Bean, on paper, by reading Durian Sukegawa's novel or in its film adaptation, directed by Naomi Kawase and critically acclaimed internationally.

Sakura from Tsutsujigaoka park


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