The Goshuincho 御朱印帳

Un Goshuinchô est composé de plusieurs pages en accordéon

A Goshuinchô is composed of several pages in accordion

Seal journal of pilgrimage

Goshuincho is an essential piece of Japanese culture for religious or entertainment purposes. Composed of several sheets of paper assembled like an accordion, this small notebook allows you to collect the official seals of the temples and sanctuaries you visit. Goshuincho makes an excellent souvenir as a reminder of your pilgrimage! 




Il faut tous les collectionner !

You have to collect them all!


You can get a goshuincho directly in the temples and sanctuaries you visit and in large bookstores.

The price then varies depending on the paper's thickness and the notebook's design. There is something for everyone! Bright, plain, or patterned, the cover of the goshuincho is personal.

Count between 1,000 and 2,000 yen (between $8.50-17/7.75-15€) on average to obtain your notebook.

Il existe des centaines de modèles différents

There are hundreds of different models

La réalisation d'un sceau ne prend que quelques minutes

Making a seal only takes a few minutes


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