Valentine's day バレンタインデー

Romanticism obliges

In Japan, gifting Chocolate on Valentine's Day is a two-way street as "White Day", a month later on March 14, people give reciprocal gifts in return for Valentine's Day! Aka, "giri-choco" or obligatory chocolate...


To each relationship it's chocolate

Offered to the husband, companion or man secretly loved, these chocolates become honmei choko, and they are generally not bought but prepared with love.

But social life complicates things: all the male entourage (professional in particular) is entitled to receive giri choko, or “chocolates of obligation”. To the greatest pleasure of chocolate makers, Japanese women, therefore, ruin themselves out of social obligation.


Au Japon, la fête des amoureux est surtout celle des chocolatiers.

In Japan, the feast of lovers is especially that of chocolate makers


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