Kitano Hakubaicho Station Kyoto 北野白梅町駅 京都

Kitano Hakubaicho Station


Kitano Hakubaicho Station is a terminus of the Keifuku Electric Railway out further west to Arashiyama. The station is close to Ritsumeikan University.

Nearby Area

There are a few places to eat and drink late on around Kitano Hakubaicho Station. Furthermore, it is a good place to find a taxi. Adjacent to the station is a branch of the Izumiya department store selling food and groceries, home furnishings and clothes. A 10 minute walk west is Myoshinji Temple, a major Zen temple in the city.

Buses From Kitano-Hakubaicho

Kyoto buses to Kitano-Hakubaicho include the #10, #26, #50, Raku #101, Raku #102, #203, #204 and #205. Several buses run south down Nishioji Dori to Saiin Station on the Hankyu Line to Arashiyama, Katsura and Osaka. Buses from the station also travel east along Imadegawa Dori.

Station & Izumiya Department Store

Station & Izumiya Department Store, Kyoto, Japan

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