How to go from Okayama to Matsue?

  • Published on : 04/10/2022
  • by : Japan Experience

The path of Japanese history and culture

Japan has always boasted a very rich historical background, and the itinerary from Okayama to Matsue is especially representative of that. From elegant parks to sacred shrines and impressive castle towns, the region is ripe with cultural sites of all kind. And the best part is that the journey by train will take you through most of them!

168 KM - 2H20 - Yasugi Station

Stop here and take a shuttle bus to reach the Adachi Museum of Art, a unique museum that looks to combine art and garden design in one harmonious whole.

The garden consists of six themed areas: the moss garden, the dry landscape garden, the white gravel and pine garden, the pond garden, the Kikaku waterfall, and the garden of Juryu-an. Each is designed to be admired from the large windows of the museum. Most of the works in the museum are paintings from the early twentieth century. You'll also find a collection of traditional Japanese ceramics.

188 KM - 2H35 - Matsue Station

Matsue, the capital of the Shimane Prefecture, is particular in many ways. Sandwiched between Lake Shinji, Lake Nakaumi and the Sea of Japan, it is known as the "City of Water." There's plenty of sightseeing and cultural visiting to be done here - in particular, Matsue Castle is one of only twelve surviving feudal castles in Japan. Last but not least, the city welcomes international tourists with significant discounts!

Must-sees on the journey from Okayama to Matsuo
Okayama, home to one of the "Three Great Gardens of Japan"
Kurashiki's canal and historic neighborhood
The fortress city of Yonago
Access the Adachi Museum of Art from Yasugi
Matsue, the "City of Water"
A map of the itinerary

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