The Hello Kitty Shinkansen

  • Published on : 04/04/2018
  • by : Japan Experience

From Shin-Osaka Station to Hakata Station with a Japan Rail Pass

In march 2018, JR West introduced a special shinkansen in the summer : the Hello Kitty shinkansen !

Departure from Hakata: 6:42 (Kodama 730)

Hiroshima : 8:13

Okayama : 9:57

Himeji : 10:39

Shin-Osaka: 11:13

Departure from Shin-Osaka: 11:29 (Kodama 741)

Himeji : 12:02

Okayama : 12:38

Hiroshima : 13:55

Hakata : 15:38

Good news : as a Kodama train, it is covered by the Japan Rail Pass

In the car 1, no seats but the sales of local specialities and a display set up to promote the appeal of various regions in western Japan.

In the car 2, the Kawaï room, a very special pink interior will surprise you ! Cars 3,7,8 are non reserved seats car. Cars 4,5,6 are reserved seats car.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty


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